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The Priorities


I believe adequate educational funding today will prepare our state for prosperity tomorrow. We must invest in higher teacher salaries, providing counselors to each school, and extracurricular activities to bring out the best in our students. I will never stop advocating for our schools. 


A strong economy is essential for our communities. I believe in attracting high STEAM (SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING, ARTS, and MATH) manufacturing jobs that drive innovation and increase the quality of life for our neighbors. This will require an investment in community colleges, technical schools, and universities to prepare our workforce. I will work relentlessly to ensure people have jobs in our district. 


I believe in ensuring every eligible voter should be able to have their voices heard without unnecessary burdens. I will fight to protect your right to cast your vote. 


Access to quality healthcare for everyone is a top priority of mine. We must allocate the necessary resources to ensure people are covered and have an opportunity to visit their doctor when needed. I believe that healthcare decisions, including abortions, are best made by an individual, in consultation with their doctors and their family. I do not believe the government should interfere with a person’s ability to make a decision in regards to their reproductive rights. The pandemic continues to show us the disparity of who is covered. We must trust the science in our approach to beating the pandemic.


Protecting the environment in Arizona is going to require a state wide conversation that promotes sustainability while addressing the needs of a growing population, including jobs. Investments in renewable energy are vital. I’m have already sponsored legislation that would bring electric school buses to every district, this will protect our environment and bring our students to their schools. I’ll continue leading on this important issue.

Military Affairs

Our brave military members have risked their lives protecting our country. I believe it is now our turn to protect their interests and livelihood. I’m committed to supporting additional funding to provide access to educational, social and mental health resources to our military members and their families. It’s our duty.

Common Sense Gun Laws

Too many families have experienced heartbreak because of gun violence in our communities, and throughout the country. I have a moral responsibility to work across the aisle to pass Common Sense Gun Laws, including Red Flag laws, which would prevent a person with a criminal history from obtaining a gun. These laws in no way infringe on a sensible person’s 2nd Amendment. Over 90% of the country believes we should have universal background checks. I agree with the majority of the country, and will continue to advocate on this issue. 


As Arizona’s population continues to grow, a robust and efficient effort in supporting our infrastructure is necessary. I am committed to enhancing the quality of our roads and promoting public transportation measures to ensure our communities can arrive to their desired destinations with ease and timeliness.

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